Is Your Home on Solid Footing?

Is Your Home on Solid Footing?

We offer foundation inspections in Greenville & Wade Hampton, SC

Are you noticing cracks in your walls? Do you feel that your flooring is uneven? RIC Home Inspections provides foundation inspections in Greenville, SC to check for any movement in your home's foundation. Our experienced inspector will go through the standard protocol and let you know about any concerns we have based on our findings.

If we discover issues with your foundation, we'll do our best to determine the cause and provide references for contractors that can correct the problem. Call (864) 235-5505 today to schedule a foundation inspection in the Greenville & Wade Hampton, SC area.

5 signs you might need foundation repairs

Cracks aren't the only sign your foundation might be failing. There are various things we look for when providing a foundation inspection, including:

•Windows and doors that don't shut properly
•Gaps between crown molding and the ceiling
•Patios that are pulling away from the home
•Basement walls that are bowed or cracked
•Ground sinking around your home's foundation

Don't wait until a minor issue can turn into a major problem. Contact RIC Home Inspections today for foundation inspections in the Greenville & Wade Hampton, SC area.